Ryukoku University Digital Archives Research Center

Ryukoku University Digital Archives Research Center

Basic research facility for the advanced development of storage,
classification and exhibition of priceless artifacts.

Aim Digital Archive Research System About "Zuikokan"

@The Digital Archive Research Center is devoted to developing methods for creating digital records of ancient manuscripts and artifacts and new ways to store, classify and exhibit them, especially handwritten manuscripts and the artifacts of the Otani Expedition. The aim is not only to have a collection of digital images but also to scientifically and quantitatively evaluate them by conducting an analysis of the composition of their materials and textures. The basic knowledge will prove to be indispensable for the preservation and restoration of the original manuscripts and artifacts themselves and contribute to the creation of an entirely new and unique library.

Digital recording and storage to insure preservation of manuscripts and artifacts Why is the building called the "Zuikokan"?

@The president of Ryukoku University choose this name for the building because "zuiko" means the bright, shining wisdom of the Buddha. This expresses his hope that the research undertaken there will be blessed with the Buddha's wisdom and that this wisdom will be transmitted throughout the world by the results of this project which could only be completed at Ryukoku University. (The "kan" of Zuikoukan simply means building.)

Principle Research Areas Facilities and Equipment Contact us
Digital Archiving Methods
Research to develop advanced systems for storage and organization of archival information in digital form.
Contents Analysis
Conduct analysis and organization of the actual contents of ancient manuscripts and develop corresponding categorization retrieval systems.
Scientific Analysis and Preservation
Conduct basic research in the scientific analysis of the paper, fiber, inks, and enhance methods for their preservation and restoration.
Contents Analysis Support System
Contents Analysis Workstation
Interactive Support System
Web Server System for External Communication
Archive System
Digital Archive Editor and Processor
DVD Library for Large-scale Archive
Large-scale Magnetic Disk Array
Ancient Manuscripts Digital Input System
High Definition Image Input and Output Equipment
3D Positioning Sensor
Ultra High-speed IP Network
Non Destructive Materials Analysis
X-ray Analytical Microscope
Environmental Ambience Tester
Mobile Optical Analyzer
Portable X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
3D Measurement and Processing
3D Modeling Machine
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