Southern Tajikistan, BC. 1- AD. 1 - HEAD OF BACTORIA RULER

Alabaster, polychromatic coloring. Sculpture. 12.0 * 7.4. Man head is shown into the front (1/3 Naths. It conducted), face is slightly enlarged downward. Narrow long nose - with the western bridge of the nose and little hooked nose in lower half; nostrils are examined as arcs. The deeply put eyes are encircled by the outline of the black ovals, interrupted(?) at the periphery edge and rounded in nose. In the middle of the upper line of oval - rounded spot- pupils. Arcs of eyebrow are shown by the black lines, which detour for the lateral side of nose. Mouth is small. Lower lip is straight line, which adjoins small semi-oval upper lip. Entire lower half of face is framed by the thick black hair, in which the whiskers and beard are put together. Above the low forehead is the protruded and almost smooth strip of the trimmed hair (into the circle). Above the edge of headgear (kirbasiy), his upper part (hemispherical or conical) is repelled. Flat sheets descend from the hoop - Nashchechniki, which close the side m
embers of head and reach the level of chin; below Nashchechniki they are rounded off. Modeling is clear and is confident. Sculpture is painted: beard, whiskers, eyebrow, the oval of face, eye, pupil - into the black color, the person - into the brown, the lips - into the clear red, head-gear of white color.
Ly.: Lyry~{yz - Pyy{~ 1980, . 131, ru. B{|uz{p }uwt . 128 y 129; Lyry~{yz - Pyy{~ 1981q, . 140, pq|. IV; _S 65; GRS 5.

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