Southern Tajikistan, BC. 1- AD. 1 - LINKS IN THE FORM OF GOLD ROOSTERS (pair).

Gold, silver, pearls. 2,3 * 3,1, 2,3 * 3,5. They consist of three parts: the ring of ear (found only one ring - silver), the gold figurines of roosters and suspension in the form of crescent and pearls. Wings are produced by soldering of three weaving series above the gold leaves, inserted into the slots, made in the hollow corpus of birds. In this way the plates are fixed, the feathers of tail are made in the same technology, as wings. In base of wings and tail there are transverse weavings. Combs are the continuation of the same leaves from which is molded the corpuscle of birds. The feet of birds, cut out also from the flat gold leaves, are connected with the corpuscle by means of the small couplings, in all likelihood, necessary to increase the area for soldering. Ring of ear passes through the upper of two small drum-coils, which are perpendicularly soldered on to another one between wings of birds. For the representation of eyes, bordered edges, and also for ornamentation and finishing of the upper edge
of lower drum is used thin twisted wire. Wire suspensions with the pearl and with the end formed of crescent hanged from the place of fastener of wings (two), also, from the beak of birds (one). Tomb of Ksirov. Fence 5. 1C BC - 2C.
I~r. 42/1 - 2. Ly.: Du~yr 1979, . 577 - 578; Du~yr - Cu~u 1981, . 307 - 314, pq|. V, 1; _S 181 - 182.

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